THE confirmation by Jim Cremin in the Racing Post (26 July) that Oxford is now officially for sale along with Wimbledon is proof, if needed, that the GRA, owners Risk Capital Partners and Galliard Homes, have forfeited any interest in   maintaining greyhound racing at these, if not all, their tracks.

Andrew Raven, spokesman for Galliard Homes, in presenting plans for a housing development on the current site at Oxford, declared that greyhound racing had no  future there as it made insufficient money.

In doing so, Risk Capital  have compromised the position of their representative on the main board of the  governing body of the sport in this country. How can someone who has put two of  our flagship tracks up for sale because they make insufficient money play a  constructive role in developing the industry, far less share a board with another main board director who is attempting to prevent the development (of Wimbledon) that Mr Feltham is committed to.

This is the farcical nature of the sport's governing body and why, after three years in control, the GBGB have not even begun to develop a commercial strategy as required under their own  Articles. 



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