Scottish Derby final tops a great card...

SHAWFIELD could hardly have wished for a better response from trainers to tonight’s big Scottish Derby final meeting in Glasgow with entries coming from Lands End to John O’Groats, well almost.

Ten open races have attracted runners of the highest class, proving that if you pay top drawer prizemoney you will attract the top drawer dogs and the sponsor’s PR director, Jayne Clarke, says she is delighted with the quality of greyhounds on show. “It’s a brilliant turn out,” she said, “and it has gone extremely well both on the track and behind the scenes.”

Total win prizemoney tonight is approaching £33,000, rich pickings at a time when owners and trainers have a gripe with prizemoney in general but they would have no complaints with’s commitment to their three competitions this year. It is well in excess of £100,000 and after Glasgow the show moves on to the Peterborough Derby and then the Northern Ireland Derby at Drumbo Park.
In the Derby final, there will be plenty of support for Kelly Macaris’s Mill Bling Bling. “I think he was eliminated in the second round here last year but when he qualified for the final this time his owner, Peter Ansell, was ecstatic, absolutely over the moon,” added Miss Clarke.

The Bling Bling is one of four runners in the final trained by women, Mrs Macari also has Mill Pegasus in there, Julie Bateson has Bowtime Sykes and Elaine Parker, Droopys Cristian. “The three girls are cracking open a bottle or two of champers during the meeting so they’ll be enjoying themselves,” Miss Clarke enthused.

So who will win the big one? You pays your money and takes your pick but at the risk of egg on face we would suggest it might be the time that Paul Hennessy’s Barefoot Allstar cracked out in front -  and this time stayed there!

The meeting is on Sky Sports 4 from 8pm while there will be live streaming at from the off.



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