And we thank all those who played a vital role in bringing the project to this stage...

TOWCESTER chairman Lord Hesketh has described yesterday’s successful application to construct a greyhound track at the racecourse as “the most exciting development to happen here since our £12 million reconstruction of the course.”

The chairman continued: “I hope it will rapidly become the premier greyhound track in Europe as well as providing us with the opportunity of vastly increasing the footprint of our gaming and technology business,”

And Towcester’s general manager, Kevin Ackerman, offered his personal thanks to GOBATA chairman Martin White and Premier League organiser Chris Page, “for their tireless support to this project and, with the first phase of the development now complete, we look forward to working closely with GOBATA to make Towcester Racecourse the Ascot of the greyhound world.”

In turn, White expressed his gratitude to Towcester and also those GOBATA members who gave their time and effort in bringing the project forward. Our chairman stated: “The entire sport should be grateful that Lord Hesketh and his team have committed to such a fantastic venture.

“From a GOBATA perspective the most exciting aspect is the absolute commitment to constructing a running track to the highest welfare standards, having drawn on experience from all around the world and working from a blank canvas.

“In addition, the goals and aspirations of the Towcester team are synonymous with the ethos of the Donoughue Report and we look forward to working with Kevin Ackerman. I am proud that GOBATA have played a key role in bringing this to fruition and would especially like to thank Chris Page and John Coleman, who headed up our team.

“I would also like to thank our other members who provided their support and expertise, namely Seamus Gaughan, Dave Houfton, Nick Savva, Sandy Dixon, Mark Wallis, Peter Munn, Eddie Lesley and others who stepped forward unhesitatingly when asked.

“Others we thank for their vauable input include Adrian Neilan of the Irish Greyhound Board, John McCallen of Drumbo Park and Jim Martin of Dundalk, all of whom took time out of their busy schedules to assist us when we took the Towcester management on a fact-finding tour of Ireland in 2010. Now we look forward to assisting the Towcester team in bringing this dream to fruition.” Neilan stated: “This is great news for the sport and well done for getting this across the line.”



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