ANOTHER record run from Milldean Panther at Shelbourne tonight? Seems improbable doesn’t it, but, then again, on the evidence so far who knows what the super pup is capable of as he bids to extend his unbeaten record to ten in the Razldazl George Open 525 final.

Amid rumours of unprecedented offers made for the dog, the Panther will be blissfully unaware of all the hype as he goes to traps at about 9.45 tonight. He is drawn in red and some might say that will do thank you, but does it really matter whatever the pitch?

He has fine early speed while his back-straight pace is little short of phenomenal and the Irish board for one will quietly be praying he keeps the record intact, he is potentially the hottest property the greyhound world has seen in yonks, generating all the publicity that goes with it.

He wrested the record away from none other than Premier Fantasy last week, his 28.00sec. flat greeted with gasps of disbelief from the knowledgeable Shelbourne fraternity. Can he go faster, sure he can, the world appears to be his lobster as Arthur Daley would say!

Victory would earn the Panther 2,000 euros tonight, a sum you could add two noughts onto if we are to believe the kind of money said to have been offered for the dog. It’s a mad world!

The Razldazl kennels of Dolores Ruth have sponsored the competition and, by the look of things, the entire supporting card too and she and Liam Marks have been rewarded with a first class turn out. Oh to be in Dublin tonight.  



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