Another demolition job at Shelbourne....

WE are running out of superlatives in attempting to describe the performances of wonder pup Milldean Panther and even our trusted thesaurus is also beginning to run dry!

In a word, John O’Flynn’s dog was nothing short of brilliant when he returned to Shelbourne last night for the final of the Razldazl George Open 525 having broken Premier Fantasy’s time-tested record set more than seven years ago in his heat last weekend with a 28.00sec. clock.

Last night, however, he could manage only a 28.08sec. (Premier Fantasy’s old figures) when running amok once more. Soon in front, the further they went the further the Panther went clear, eventually running home more than seven lengths ahead of Hillcroft Joe.

The manner of the win, and dare we say it, suggested that he will stay further than 525 yards! Would he get six bends, we wouldn’t like to guess, and certainly O’Flynn’s plans are centered on next year’s Irish Derby and that alone.

It would, therefore, hardly be an orthodox thing to do in trying him up to, say, 600 yards between now and next September and it is probably the furthest thing from O’Flynn’s mind. Risk blunting that sparkling early speed, we don’t think so.

True, he would be a bend in front of staying dogs early doors but the bigger rewards are to be had around four bends and this is where the trainer will undoubtedly concentrate.

Eden Star is a flying machine and so too is this fella and we should feel lucky that not one, but two, greyhounds of this quality are around just now, they don’t come along very often.

Incidentally, the Panther won’t be a grown up until next month!   



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