...including the bookmakers after Victoria Falls’ 25-1 National victory! 

TUESDAY’S Sky show from the Grand National meeting at Wimbledon had a real buzz about it, provided by some thrilling finishes plus more newsy and interesting pieces than usual and, if there were ratings for Mr Murdoch’s  greyhound racing shows, then this week’s would be close to the top of the pile.

More on the big race shock later but you have to hand it to Ricky Holloway and his supporters of the Save Our Stow (SOS) campaign who, when the opportunity arises, don’t miss a single trick in getting their message out there!

Every parader at Wimbledon wore a white coat bearing the SOS logo while every runner wore a red jacket on parade with the same message, including the website address where folk can lodge their objections to the housing  development plans of the owners of the Walthamstow site, London & Quadrant.
WE have lost count of the times folk have begged the question, ‘has Wimbledon got a future?’ Mind you, it is almost a dead-heat between Plough Lane and Walthamstow as to which of the two tracks, if any, will be alive and kicking in, say, three years’ time.

The fact that the Stow will be coming up for its third anniversary of closure this August hardly augurs well for those hoping the phoenix will rise from the ashes, despite the magnificent efforts of Ricky Holloway and all his other passionate Save Our Stow (SOS) campaigners, including MPs et al.

Of course, where there is life there is hope and SOS are hanging on to their Walthamstow aspirations like a dog with the veritable bone but, and one doesn’t need to be an Einstein to realise it, that the longer the place remains dormant, the more those aspirations are unlikely to turn to reality.
THE offer is in from Bob Morton and the ball firmly in the court of London & Quadrant, who purchased the Walthamstow Stadium site almost two years ago and who must now decide whether greyhound racing returns to the famous old Chingford Road track in east London or stick with their original intention of developing the area solely for housing. The Save Our Stow campaign (SOS) has for months now put up a solid case for the return of racing at  Walthamstow and with the news that a bid is on the L&Q table comes the anticipation that at last a decision on the future of the track may now not be too far away.