GBGB were warned over Point of Sampling repercussions... 

JUST three weeks into the Point of Registration sampling rule (POR) and there is pandemonium amongst owners and trainers. 

The rule, whereby all new greyhounds must now be marked-up, micro-chipped, in some cases inoculated, and now must also provide a urine sample all in one fell swoop, came into effect on 16 May. 

That this wasn’t going to be the smooth transition that the GBGB thought it would be is no surprise, chaos rules out there with some tracks refusing to register private dogs and others charging an additional fee on top of the requisite GBGB registration fees.
GOBATA concerns are ringing true... 

LAST month GOBATA wrote to the GBGB expressing the concerns of our members over the introduction and potential implications of the new Point Of Registration Sampling rule which came into affect on 16 May. 

It was brought to our attention that the rule would present certain impracticalities in a number of areas, including the co-operation of racing office staff when new greyhounds are presented for registration.

GOBATA suggested to the GBGB that it would be far more convenient, and certainly less expensive, if the registration process, complete with sampling, could be conducted at trainers’ kennels by local stipendiary stewards and/or
earmarking stewards.