“It’s hectic, I just want a better life,” he says...

HOVE will lose the services of Brian Clemenson at the end of the month after the trainer notified the Coral-owned track yesterday that he has decided to quit.

The decision will come as a major surprise to many in the sport as Clemenson has been among the leading lights on the open race circuit for many years, his big race victories including no fewer than eight Olympic finals at his home track.

“I’ve been in greyhound racing since I was 16, I’m now almost 49 but I just haven’t been enjoying it in recent years and I want to get my life back, not only for my sake but my family’s sake also,” he told GOBATA yesterday.

. . . so will it fit You Mind Me?

JIMMY LOLLIE will race no more and has gone into honourable retirement so all eyes now will be on the lookout for the next two-bend specialist to step into his shoes.

It is a pretty big ask, and while we will all miss the 2010 Greyhound of the Year, trainers of lesser sprinters won’t be shedding too many tears over the fact that they won’t have to take on the Cahill dog any more.

A sight for sore eyes wasn’t he but what of the young pretenders out there waiting to take over the sprinters’ mantle? There are a few greyhounds around who could be considered heirs to the throne and one who springs to mind is the Frank Taylor-trained, You Mind me.