“I am really struggling to survive,” says Ten Large Down’s trainer... 

AS one trainer will wallow in Derby glory at Wimbledon on Saturday so another is contemplating her future in greyhound racing, such is the current state of the industry. 

Like many of her counterparts, Diane Henry is, and has been for some time, struggling with the increasing costs of running a kennel with precious little income from anywhere else, least of all, or rather none at all, from the industry.

“Word is going around that I’m quitting the game straight away, but that’s not the case. I will stick around for a while yet and take stock at the end of the year before considering whether or not to renew my licence,” she said.
TOM KELLY'S appointment as full-time chairman of the British Greyhound Racing Fund (BGRF) and the recent appointment also as a board member of Ladbrokes’ greyhound top dog, Gordon Bissett, has sent mixed messages through the sport. 

That both have dyed-in-the-wool bookmaker CVs and will now have significant input on how and where fund money is allocated is being frowned upon by certain sections within the industry, including Bob Betts, former greyhound editor of the Sporting Life.

In the current edition of Ireland’s Sporting Press he expresses concern over prizemoney. He states: "It is now extremely unlikely that any extra cash from the expected £7m fund budget this year will be allowed to go to prizemoney... it means the bookmakers now have virtual control of the sport's purse strings."