But hold on, they’re working on the drainage system

NOT all trainers, particularly those with wide runners, were happy with the going for the Ladbrokes Blue Riband heats at Hall Green’s BAGS meeting on Wednesday, in fact some were, to put it mildly, very disappointed.

Eight wide seeds contested the six heats but only one qualified for next Wednesday’s semi-finals, suggesting a bias in favour of those runners not drawn out wide. The official going for the meeting ranged between minus 100 slow and minus 140 slow, pretty holding you might say.

 “The track was in an atrocious condition,” claimed Kelly Findlay, who had a heat winner while her two other entries missed the cut. “For local stipe Jack Robinson to come over to me and ask what I thought about the track suggests he too had concerns.

“It was a huge bias in favour of the railers and, while they were making hay, the outside dogs looked as if they were in slow motion and so it’s just as well there is a week’s grace before the semi-finals because all the runners will need a rest after this!”

Racing manager Rob Coulthard put his side of the story. “We had torrential rain here all day on Tuesday while it snowed the next morning and the rains came again during the meeting, if they ever went away that is.

“The last three races of the meeting were graded races and only once in these was traps four, five and six not in the first two, which makes me wonder why so many were apparently complaining about a bias.”

Breaking news from Hall Green is that ten workman are at the track working on the drainage system as you read this. “We do have a drainage problem here but hopefully it will be sorted, and possibly by the weekend.”

We wonder what the going will be at Hall Green next Wednesday, good to firm? . . . no, now we are being ridiculous!