DENIS BEARY of the Canine Sports Medicine Clinic in County Kildare is one of the most respected vets in Ireland, particularly when it comes to the racing and coursing greyhound, no wonder then he was at pains to voice his opinion over the design of the new track at Limerick due to open later this year.

In a recent letter to the Racing Post, he expressed concern over the proposed radius of the bends at the track and invited vets worldwide to comment on "this design". At present, the bends at Limerick are to have a radius of 40.8 metres with the straights 107 metres in length.

"The general consensus is that the radius of the bends should be a minimum of 50 metres, although one party felt it should be a minimum of 45 metres if the traps are no more than 35 metres from the first bend", wrote Beary.
Swaffham, Towcester, and SOS all discussed at committee meeting on 16th June.

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